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Home rolled

Sheesh, am I losing interest in blogging or just too easily distracted? Well, I've just finished The Dragon Reborn, book 3 of the Wheel of Time. Another 5 on the bookshelf to get through, and if I'm not mistaken, another one or two that Ronwen hasn't bought yet. Still enjoying the series, even if things do drag on a little. The other thing that's been keeping me busy has been working on a Java version of this blog. I started it ages ago, as a bit of a a Skool Me JSP thing, and a way to put theory to practice and blahdy blah. I've only really pottered around with bits and pieces, and that often boiled down to trying and retrying different things as they took my fancy, without getting any close to finishing it. I finally decided it was time to either shelve the damned thing or get it done. I'm rather keen to get a virtual server somewhere so that I can migrate my email away from my current ADSL ISP, and generally have some root-accessible space to play around with. It doesn't make sense to have that, and my blog's current DDN hosting, least of all since I've been meaning to redesign my blog anyway, and it just doesn't make sense to keep it as a Notes app when I'm using Notes for nothing other than posting to this blog - and schlepping with Wine just to do that, as it is. I thought about using an off-the-shelf blog app, Java-based or otherwise, but I really do like the idea of having a home-rolled blog. So I decided to get stuck in and finish it off. It'll be a while yet, even if I don't lose interest, but I'm forcing myself to complete one feature or make a useful chunk of progress each time I work on it. So far so good.

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Long weekend and bookishness

We took a long weekend this weekend, and travelled down to Durbs for The Van Grubenwyks' wedding. Now they're just the Grubens. Great to share the day with them, and to catch up with some friends we haven't seen in far too long. Other than that, I've been as lazy as hell. I've barely touched my PC at home in the past 2 weeks, instead I've been wrapped up in books and generally staying curled up on the couch and being as unproductive as I can. I started working my way through the Wheel of Time books - I'm on book 2 at the moment. Ronwen's been on at me for years to read them, and after a few false starts in the past, I finally got going. I've heard often enough that they get increasingly boring from book to book, but so far I'm enjoying the story. Considering how bloody cold Joburg's been the past day or two, I think I'll stay ensconced on the couch for a little longer.

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Too much traffic

The little shopping complex around the corner from us has a Brazilian restaurant upstairs. After a name change and a few years of just plodding along, it's suddenly booming, and all the bootiful people seem to be descending upon it in herds. The problem is that nowadays, it's almost impossible to find parking at the complex. The place has always been bustling in the afternoons and evenings, but the few shops usually have quite a steady turnover of people leaving and arriving, and even at its worst, you'd just drive around the lot once or twice and find a parking opening up. With a restaurant though, it's a different story, and each car is there for at least an hour or few. The result is that people drive around the near-gridlocked parking lot, and there's nothing opening up. I'm sure many of them leave in frustration, and stay away in the evenings in future. So while business is booming for this restaurant, it must have a pretty negative effect on evening business for the Woolies, the Clicks, the Nandos, the pizza joint and the DVD store. I wonder if there's anything (legal) they can do about it? If the restaurant mysteriously goes up in flames one night, I'll know why.

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