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Wherein a small project begins

As I mentioned, Eve Online now provides APIs for market data and a whole lot more. I thought I might whip up a little library and stick it on github. I started out with good intentions, getting my head around OAuth2 and getting simple queries going, and I thought I might have something useful to share.

Things soon descended into mad hackery, though. I wanted to cache queries, and played around with MapDB, which I really liked, feature-wise, but turned out to be too slow for any serious write rates (admittedly the queries I'm caching are rather huge). I've said nice things about H2 DB before, H2 now has a key store called MvStore which was a little faster for writes. But stlll slow.

Perhaps this code will still make it to github... but certainly not yet. In the meantime, I've gotten enough to drop some historical data into kdb, do a bit of low-grade faffing to figure out where the real trading money is, and realised the regions I've been hanging around in ain't all that. So once my current orders have run down, it'll be time to move on.

{2015.01.29 - 16:53}


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