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I rebuilt my VPS (it was long overdue). Not without pain - what should've been "I can't log in to my rebuilt server, could you please give me login details for a new build, or reset the password?" turned into an increasingly surreal support ticket ping-pong over 2 hours, at the end of which the sysadmin just reset my password.

I've been using my current provider for years, with no gripes, but while waiting for support ticket responses, I had nothing better to do so thought I'd check out the competition. Looks like I can get pretty decent, cheap hosting in the UK for less than I'm paying now. The only question is whether the hassle of setting everything up again would be worth it.

Speaking of which, my whole blogging set-up has gotten long in the tooth, too. I started writing this blogging app jeez, nearly a decade ago, when I was just getting started as a Java developer and wanted something I could point prospective employers to. It uses a DB back-end and JSPs and tags and whatnot and the admin part is a Struts-based beast whose config files no longer make sense to me.

And all of that is a real pain to set up and install and re-install and back up. And despite having about a million pet projects I'd rather be working on, I'm tempted to just rip the entire thing up, drop all the content into a simple bunch of text files which get turned into static html, and rsync that up to my server.

Or, of course, I could leave things ticking over for a few more years... the alternative hosting providers aren't *that* much cheaper...

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