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It's been a long-time policy not to mention where I work on my blog(s). But an ex-colleague of mine got in touch late last year to say that some code I'd worked on in a previous job was being open-sourced, and would I object to having my name listed in the credits? Call me vain, but the only reasonable response to a question like that is "sure, why not!"

And so it is that I'm listed as a co-author of the Cougar application framework. It was the brainchild of a colleague, and pretty cutting-edge at the time, with lots of asynchronous wizardry and protocol agnosticism built in from the outset. We did a lot of interesting things with it.

Another open-sourced chunk of code that I worked on was Tornjak, although we didn't call it that at the time. This was all itch-scratching stuff and a small part of it was my baby for a while, so it's quite a stroll down memory lane. It's fun looking through the documentation as well, and picking out things I remember writing, or recognising turns of phrase which I know have to be mine.

It also reminded me that my github page is a little bare; about time I got around to actually publishing some stuff.

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