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In study breaks I've been tackling small tasks to get the blog app up and running again so I can make some changes. The last time I did any work on the app I was using MyEclipse, kept everything in CVS and had never touched maven. I got a bit diligent one weekend last year and made a half-hearted attempt at resurrecting the app, and least got as far as converting everything to maven and getting it to compile.

Didn't mean I could run it, though. Since I don't have MyEclipse and flat refuse to use Eclipse's IBMified web tools stuff, I decided to give the maven-jetty-plugin a bash. After getting things working a few days ago, a version bump somewhere broke absolutely everything. I was using version 7.0.0.pre5 before, which was some beastly 6/7 hybrid that sort-of worked like the jetty 6 plugin worked. The latest version 7 has a number of subtle differences causing all sorts of errors, including this beauty:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: No LoginService for in

Top of the list of search results on how to resolve it is this blog entry, written by Max Berger, the same star of a gent who maintains the Eclipse CDT setup howto.

For now I'm sticking with 7.0.0.pre5 though.

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