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My name is Colin Pretorius. I'm a thirty-something South African, living in the UK with my wife and young son. My blog hovers between being a personal journal and a soapbox for me to grumble about whatever takes my fancy. I used to post technical content to this blog as well, but since mid-2009 that all goes to my shiny new tech blog.

In my dark and distant past I was a Chartered Accountant (still am, just not uh, practicing), but since the late 90s I've been a software developer, these days primarily using Java and C++. I recently completed a BSc(Hons) in Computer Science, and I'm currently doing a BCom(Hons) in Financial Modelling because really, free time is highly overrated. I get bogged down with side projects in C (and recently Python) from time to time, and I've been a devoted Linux newbie for over a decade now.

As for politics, religion, and everything else, you're best off just diving in and reading the blog.

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