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Sometimes it's best to spell these things out...
This is a personal weblog, and all opinions expressed are either mine or those of the voices in my head. Opinions don't represent those of my employer, dentist or anyone else for that matter. These days I make a point of not naming my employer, discussing what I do at work or commenting on the industry I work in, to further emphasise this distinction.
I occasionally post smidgeons of code on my site. Any code I share is *meant* to be shared, BUT the last thing I need is some plonker not respecting the spirit in which it's shared. So short and sweet: unless otherwise stated, you are free to use, modify and distribute any of my code as long as you do not pretend it's yours. Also, it comes as-is, without any warranty, and if it causes you to lose time, money, your dignity, job or your spouse or anything else, don't say I didn't warn you.
... is copyrighted by me, and if for some odd reason you'd like to redistribute anything I write, please get in touch with me first.
Misanthropic and objectionable drivel
Some might accuse me of being opinionated, cynical and prone to misanthropy. If you're one of those people, please re-read the first disclaimer and feel free not to read this blog if you don't like what I say. Even better, leave a comment and disagree with me, persuade me that I'm wrong or tell me I'm full of it.
Naughty words
... are not uncommon on this blog. I always feel a bit guilty about cussing on my blog, but it's part of the flavour of my writing, so fuggit.
Comments and email
All comments to my site are logged, and I reserve the right to share your IP address and details with third parties if I believe you're not posting in good faith, or using a fake identity for whatever reason. Ditto for email addresses posted with comments, and email sent to me, all which remains confidential under all other circumstances. Comments to my site will be edited or deleted if I feel the need or inclination (it is my site, after all), but please don't construe this as me necessarily endorsing or agreeing with comments left by others. I firmly believe in freedom of speech, even speech I personally find reprehensible, stupid, or ill-informed. I have yet to delete a non-spam comment on this site, and I hope to never have to.
Now that's done, enjoy.

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