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It's almost a month since the feller got elected. I can't say that I have anything interesting to say about it, beyond the fact that it's such a WTF moment in modern history that it's worth putting down a few thoughts for posterity.

First, as I said, WTF. I don't understand how people could have voted for Trump, but they did. That's a literal "I don't understand," not rhetorical. The simplistic explanations aren't convincing. I think the standard reasons given say as much about the prejudices of others, as they do about American voters.

Second, the squealing and virtue signalling on social media and traditional media has all been a bit much. Yes the man is guilty of all manner of horribleness, but more decent discussion and less rending of clothes, please.

Third, I do wonder how the next 4 years will pan out. I suspect it will be worse in some ways, and not so bad in others. I think the Third Reich analogies are misplaced, and ... well, I hope I'm right.

Fourth. Trump's protectionist policies are right out of the Corbyn camp. I look forward to ending the usual arguments about protectionism with "well, at least you and Trump agree on something."

{2016.12.06 21:54}


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