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We're already more than a week into the new year. Is it too late for the obligatory Happy New Year post? ... a bit like that thing when you go back to work in January and for the first day or two everyone's saying Happy New Year to everyone, and then after a day or few, you speak to someone you've not yet spoken to since the previous year, and you're not quite sure whether everyone's moved on from the festive well-wishing, but maybe not, and thus whether not saying Happy New Year will come across is a bit unfriendly, or conversely if you do, whether it'll come across as a little contrived.

But I will review 2015 very briefly: child-rearing, which included sleep deprivation, but joy, some tribulations, and then very unexpected help. Also, a new job, in an unexpected direction, which I'm thoroughly enjoying. And cycling again (just in the nick of time to claim that for 2015), and did a lot of walking around London, and taking pictures, and generally had a relatively laid-back, low-stress year, tootling along through life.

Now for 2016. Happy New Year. I have no resolutions (he says, lying as usual). Onward.

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