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On the bike

It's been nearly 4 years since The Great Bike Crash of 2012. It's not that I was too scared to ride again, or anything like that, and more just that I'm damned lazy and it was all too much faff.

But even my proscrastination has its limits. I'm still not sure what overcame me (stepping on the scales one morning, perhaps), but I found myself fixing the punctures, then lugging the bike into London on an early train, dropping it off at a bike shop near work, getting it serviced and having the broken front fork replaced, and then locking it up in the bike cage at work. Ready for the Next Step.

That was last week. This week, the Next Step. I took my cycling gear into work with me this morning, and tonight I cycled home. So now I am back in the saddle.

It wasn't too bad. Bromley Hill is still a seriously unpleasant f***er to climb, but that's OK, I managed it, and it'll get easier. And the plus side is that having gotten going in advance of Christmas, (and taking advantage of our half-arsed winter thus far), I can just haughtily sniff away any patronising "oh, a new year's resolution" looks come January.

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