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People of the Pines

For posterity. When I was in school, a friend of mine had a fantasy poster - well, he had a good few - but one in particular which I really liked, and for many, many years, I've wondered whether I'd ever find or see the poster again.

Tonight, because I didn't really feel like doing anything more productive, I went hunting, and persisted a little longer than I have in the past, and found it. It's People of the Pines, by Rodney Matthews. (And the original painting is for sale on ebay for about 77 grand, assuming it's not a con).

The odd thing is ... parts of it I remember vividly, other parts of the image I'd forgotten, but they came right back to me, but overall, the picture has left me slightly underwhelmed. It doesn't tell the story I remembered. Would I have been better off had it just remained a happy memory?

{2015.08.19 - 22:56}


1 Ronnie (2015.08.23 - 21:40) #

Well, I rather like it. And his other work. So, thanks for sharing, rather than keeping it just a memory. :)


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