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I don't know whether demolishing the Red Road flats would be a good thing or not, but bringing them down as part of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony would have made for some good TV.

It reminds of the Crunch advert when the Newtown cooling towers in Johannesburg were demolished in 1985: some dude steps out on a balcony, sinks his teeth into a Crunch and boom, a huge cooling tower starts coming down behind him. No special effects in those days; I remember reading a magazine article at the time about the making of the advert - the ad agency had a last-minute flash of inspiration, quickly found a place to film from a decent vantage point, and knowing they had only one shot at it, managed to get the '... and action!' timing just right as the countdown was happening.

The internet remembers nothing of the advert it seems, and there's little to be read about the towers themselves. This was about the best I could find.

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