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Night life

I needed to go to the shops this evening, so took the chance to make a detour past my favourite fast food joint.

Walking back through the local shopping mall, I walked past a nondescript couple. Next thing two mall policemen come running. Not the TV crime drama lives-depend-on-this kind of running, more like the embarassed-smile-and-really-small-strides kind of running as the dudes tried to move fast while holding on to themselves as best they could to minimise the number of accessories flapping about.

Anyway, they round on nondescript couple and the next thing the gent half of the nondescript couple is being arrested for "fretnin behaviour". It was all very weird. Especially because this fretnin chap didn't say boo or baa and was handcuffed and marched off without so much as a peep, and his missus was all like "oh well ok, see ya" and just carried on walking home.

I could also write about the little sh** with his mom in Game "I'm not happy about you getting all these 18+ games" "but I've played 18+ games loads of times" "not with me you haven't, what you get up to with your father is nothing to do with me" "it's just aliens, and you let me blah blah blah" "blah blah blah" "blah blah blah" "is this the attitude I'm going to get after what I've just said to you? If you carry on like this you won't get to spend the last of your Christmas money" and then "well, it's my money, innit", at which point I wanted to lean into this conversation happening 2 feet away from me and say "listen lady, just deck this little brat and be done with it. Trust me, the local coppers are busy at the moment, and besides, I've seen how fast they can run, you'll be gone long before they get here."

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