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Too much info

The poor Queen has had to cancel some gigs on account of her being unwell. Of course, 'unwell' in this case means the queen has gastroenteritis, or as it was known in SA, 'gastro' (*)

Anyway. The 6 year old in me can't help but snork about the fact that the Queen has the trots but the 60 year old in me wonders why on earth we need to know quite so much about the cause of the Queen's current indisposition. Then I actually read the article and I noticed something:

symptoms include vomiting, fever and stomache ache

You're missing a pretty serious symptom there, BBC.

Regardless of how ignorant the public might be, or how ignorant the BBC and the Royal Physician might think or wish the public to be, there are some afflictions best endured quietly and without the rest of the world knowing about them. If I were the Queen I'd be all 'off with his head' and insisting that next time, the Royal Physician's newly appointed successor should jolly well step out of Her Majesty's chamber and pronounce 'bad case of influenza', or 'severe migraine', or 'tropical fever,' or hell, even 'brain tumour.'

Anything but the truth, St David's day or no.


(*) which is why I find myself uncomfortable whenever going to a UK 'gastro pub'

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