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Nom nom nom

The horse meat revelations; two things come to mind:

  1. ignorance was bliss

  2. meat products will become more expensive

{2013.02.04 - 21:21}


1 Vitor Pereira (2013.02.04 - 21:48) #

Not so sure. Horse meat is much expensive than beef, it makes no economic sense to pass it as beef. No?

2 Colin (2013.02.05 - 21:19) #

That's an interesting point! I presume the horses that ended up in the UK burgers were more of the glue-factory variety.

I believe costs will go up because the risk of bad PR will mean that companies invest a lot more in monitoring and testing than they otherwise would have. That might be a good thing in many ways, but probably over the top in others.


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