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Snow 2013

It's a sad day indeed when I am so used to snow that I can't be bothered to blog about it. It's bad enough that I let the short flurry in December go unmarked. Then two weeks ago the forecast was all 'waaah snow' and we were all like 'waaa snow' and then it snowed and everyone was like 'waaa! snow!' and then it melted 5 minutes later and it looked like that would be that. And stuff.

Then along came last weekend and we were finally blessed with Snowmageddon (of course the missus says she prefers 'Snowpocalypse' because strictly speaking Snowmageddon could only happen on Mount Megiddo and not Sarf East London, but what can you do?) So it started snowing last Friday and I have a window seat at work and I got to enjoy seeing the stuff slowly accumulating all afternoon. And of course being a dang fool I only left work pretty late regardless and then battled the suck that is SouthEastern Rail who were falling to bits because that's what SouthEastern Rail does when things start looking intemperate. Although in fairness most people had had the sense to bugger off home earlier to avoid the inevitable suck that is SouthEastern Rail on a snowy day, and so I didn't battle to find a seat on one of the trains which wasn't cancelled and was only a bit late.

And so it snowed overnight, and then there was snow on Saturday, and we went out and played in it, and it was wonderful. And then there was more snow on Sunday, and it was even more wonderful, and we played outside some more, and we went for a walk in the parklands nearby, and it was even more more wonderful.

Then came Monday and the schools were closed and the weather forecast said MORE SNOW but it didn't come, and the entire week there have been misleading hints that it might snow, and occasionally a few grains of the stuff will descend, and one morning there was a slight dusting. And the train service has begrudgingly returned to normal in the last day or two.

So sadly for us in the balmy South East, things seem to have run their course. Still plenty of the stuff on the ground, but the battle is lost, the ice remaining on the paths is mush, the forecasts say it's all coming to an end.

Well, it's been great while it lasted. Any hope of more this year?

{2013.01.25 - 23:38}


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