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New teeth

We get woken up early by Leo coming through 'mooooom! My tooth is wobbly!' A new milestone.

A little later in the morning Ronwen's chatting to Leo and she says 'later, Daddy will tell you all about the tooth mouse!'

'Tooth mouse?' I ask when we get the chance (when we were growing up was it a mouse or a fairy? I can't remember). Regardless, Ronwen reckons we'll have more luck flogging the idea of a tooth mouse than a tooth fairy - we've had a hard enough job explaining that lots of these mythical critters don't exist so please just go back to bed and don't worry about them it's 3 in the morning you're safe and sound just pleeeeease go to sleeep.

Anyway. This afternoon I sit down and give Leo the shpiel: 'so when the wobbly tooth falls out (no it won't hurt) you put it under your pillow and then when you're asleep along will come the tooth mouse, and how it works is... &c &c' Leo listens patiently and excitedly and then says to me 'you know, there's also a Tooth Fairy!'

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1 Ro (2012.11.04 - 23:36) #

He is trying to fleece you out an extra quid.


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