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The Killing

Not up to much at the moment, which is to say, we're making our way through The Killing. A Danish subtitled TV series about cops trying to catch a serial killer, with a side dose of politics and family drama.

The series is gripping and as far as adventures with subtitles go, quite fun. The fun part is that speaking a second European(ish) language, you recognise more words and phrases than if you spoke English only, and after enough time, you very occasionally get the drift, even if you've missed the text.

Having said that, it's not the kind of thing you can watch while doing the ironing, say, as I learned very soon.

We're about halfway through the series. The plot has taken so many twists and turns already that I'm not quite sure how another 8 or 9 episodes are going to go. Our child remains fed and regularly washed, as are the dishes, but sleep is starting to suffer.

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