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Ron Paul

Dear BBC: libertarians aren't right-wingers. Watching your journalists grapple with Ron Paul and seeing the 'does not compute' lights flashing is equals parts amusing and annoying.

Paul has no hope of winning the nomination, and has a few too many skeletons in the closet, but seeing heresies like 'no wars' and 'let gay people marry' and 'stop the war on drugs' get an airing makes for a refreshing change from the usual two-degrees-this-way-or-that BS that passes for political discourse. Regardless, the BBC, as always, lets its own biases slip in reporting these things: even if some of Paul's views are 'right wing', a great many of his views are so decidedly anti-right that he puts liberals to shame. Why not refer to him as a left-wing libertarian?

{2012.01.03 - 23:53}


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