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Cuts and debt

Wah wah wah cuts 'orrible Tories rise up the left Occupy everything wah wah wah cuts. Except:

The two parties adopt warring language - but you'll never hear Balls or Osborne use figures, quantifying the cuts, because that would reveal the con. The bubble would burst, and we'd see that they're arguing over two-thirds of one per cent. That is to say: Labour's plans would have involved 2.2 per cent average cuts to government departments per year. The coalition's figure is 3 per cent.

... To summarise: David Cameron says you can't borrow your way out of debt, but this is what he's doing. ... his government is increasing debt by 51 per cent - more than Labour managed in 13 years. And yes, it's a smaller figure than the 60 per cent written into Darling's last Budget. But not that much smaller.

What we've seen in the last 18 months has not really been economic argument. If it was, we'd hear the odd figure dropped in. Instead, British politics has come close to WWE-style wrestling, where two sides adopt exaggerated, near-comic personas for the crowd's entertainment, while doing very little real fighting at all.

Has come close to? Yet again, twas ever thus, I'd say. But still.

(Update: ha. I caught the above article in mid-edit. I think the version I quoted reads better than what's at the link, now.)

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