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Total protonic reversal

Y'know, you half expect someone to find out that a moth got into the tunnel. Or maybe the world's finest minds will learn something new. The news that some teensy itty-bitty particle exceeded the speed of light is a bit beyond the rest of us, really. What I quite enjoyed was this quote from the end of the article.

"we are not claiming things, we want just to be helped by the community in understanding our crazy result - because it is crazy".

"And of course the consequences can be very serious."

And of course, that made me think of only one thing:

How bad? Bibilical proportions!

{2011.09.22 - 21:50}


1 Ronwen (2011.09.25 - 11:32) #

I am disappointed that there is no mention of Brian Cox in this blog.

2 sal (2011.09.26 - 19:24) #

i second that. of course.

3 Colin (2011.09.26 - 21:20) #

There is now!


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