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Human rights and wrongs

Not that I'm against human rights mind you, splendidly noble things all round. It's just that it's a bit hard to get any clear idea of what these strange things are, most of the time, defying definability and consistency and reason, mostly. So even armed with the understanding that, in modern discourse, the term 'human rights' really boils down to 'any arbitrary nicety relating to the human experience that makes us feel fuzzy inside,' the reality is that people blathering on about human rights are invariably carrying on about things which are so low down on the list of shit that really matters that to hear the very utterance of the term is a good indicator that the person you're listening to has their head stuck up the wrong orifice; if you want to take a principled stand about something, there's plenty wrong with the world that's worth worrying about first.

(and for the record, I'm quite firmly in the negative rights camp, but even those 'rights' are a little too fuzzy to serve as much more than a shorthand way of signalling a general philosophical bent. Fully.)

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