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Just won't go away

Quote of the day:

I'm becoming increasingly irritated by the endless attempts by Ed Miliband, Alan Rusbridger et al to try and score party political points from this ongoing story. Yes, it casts doubt on the judgment of the Prime Minister, but it casts just as much doubt on the judgment of the last two Prime Ministers and the current leader of the Labour Party. The only political leader who's been largely untainted by this scandal is Nick Clegg - and the reason he didn't end up hobnobbing with Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks is because they didn't bother to return his calls.

My only quibble is why should anyone not have had doubts about the judgement of the current PM before the whole thing blew up, anyway? Anyone getting to the top tiers of a UK political party is by virtue of their position so far from being trustworthy or believable about anything that it beggars belief that people continue to expect good things of any of them.

Still, the reason the phone hacking scandal has gone from boring in my books to outright irritating is that it's a bunch of hypocrites trying to score points off of a bunch of criminals. A pox on the lot of them.

{2011.07.17 - 20:18}


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