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News of the Who?

An arb tabloid that nobody cares about or reads did some horrible things and the whole damned country now has nothing better to talk about. Or rather, journalists and the media have nothing better to talk about. Self-indulgent? Yaaaaawn.

Update: I stand corrected on two points. First, the paper is apparently read by lots and lots of people - just nobody I know. Second, I was wrong to say it was self-indulgence. The real reason this is a Big Issue (as opposed to an old-fashioned criminal issue where law-breakers are deservedly thrown in jail), is because of Concentration of Media Power. For the right-leaning media, this means 'they are more successful than us', and for left-leaning media, this means 'they are more successful than us and Murdoch is an evul right-winger.' Regardless, this Murdoch bogeyman business doesn't work for me. I don't buy the idea that the masses are so stupidly duped and led astray - immoral his media may be, but an immoral media reflects the tastes of an immoral readership. No politician has the guts to say that. And above all, and still: yaaaaawn.

{2011.07.06 - 23:04}


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