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Provided the rich are less rich

Margaret Thatcher famously said 'they would rather the poor were poorer, provided the rich were less rich.' Viz YouTube; the clip descends into crazy lady pretty quickly but it takes no stretch of perspicuity to see that she was pretty damned on the mark.

How else to interpret the froth around privately funded university tuition today? How else to read this article, other than that 'poor people shouldn't be allowed to self-fund their way through university, even if they (or their family, or community) have saved up the money or if they're being sponsored by charities or bursary providers, because if the UK allowed privately-funded university tuition then rich people would get in too.

If it doesn't cost taxpayers anything, why close a door to the poor, just because the rich would use it most often?

{2011.05.10 - 21:36}


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