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The referendum

I haven't written anything about the referendum because I haven't known what to think about it. I went to the polling station unsure about which way to vote. All I will say is I think the Lib Dems blew it.

The referendum was supposed to be about electoral reform, which was a worthwhile issue, and it ended up being wasted on a question about whether to adopt some obscure system that had little going for it other than that it would signal to the world that people thought the existing system was flawed, and that it might end up with more Lib Dems getting into parliament.

With regards to the former, it was a bit of an arse about face way of doing things, and I think in retrospect, the latter reason should also have raised a few 'BAD FREAKIN TIMING!!!!!' alarm bells given how unpopular the Lib Dems were always going to be one year into government. Vote Yes to AV for more Lib Dems? The poll results in local elections tell the sad story there.

The Lib Dems might have another shot in a generation's time, although given that they're the most pro-EU party of the lot, you'd have to wonder what they'll be aspiring to reform in 20 years' time.

{2011.05.08 - 20:19}


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