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The hypocrisy of immigration

In the UK an employer isn't allowed to discriminate against someone based on their gender, or their race, or their religion, or their age, or their sexual orientation.

Yet UK employers are forced to discriminate against people based on what side of an imaginary line on a map they were born on.

Now of course I think Cameron's views on immigration are plain wrong. But Cable gets no free ride here. He'd never argue in favour of completely open borders, and yet anything less than that is an admission that some human beings are more important (in Lib Dem eyes) than others, that it's OK to condemn swathes of humanity to starvation and misery, just to preserve a cushy welfare state for those lucky enough to be born in the right place.

How's that different to the kind of upper-class privilege the likes of Cable love railing against?

{2011.04.14 - 22:38}


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