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the coast off of Fishguard

We're back. The North Pembrokeshire coast in Wales is a very beautiful place, and we had a great holiday. We saw cliffs and coves and beaches and went for boat rides to remote islands and explored little villages and walked along piers and causeways and saw old cathedrals and medieval ruins and iron age hill forts and prehistoric burial monuments and visited museums and farms and dilapidated churches. We had standing stones and cannons down the road from our holiday house, and were within minutes' walk of coastal paths and shops selling weird Welsh ales. The only pity is that we hadn't gone for longer.

We had awesome weather:

Ramsey Island

And we had the other type of awesome weather too:

a beach next to a Goodwick causeway

Magical place, we'll be back.

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1 sal (2011.04.17 - 00:45) #

looks and sounds absolutely amazing... but who is that teenager-looking dude in the bottom picture? :o


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