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The latter-day godbotherers are in full force in this BBC article from yesterday.

I see recycling as a modern-day religion. That we Must Recycle is a matter of faith, taken as a given with no reference to knowledge or understanding of the facts. Secondly, and most importantly, much like people of more traditional religiosity and superstition, people don't much care for the facts. If they did, there'd be a lot more discussion about those facts, and less hostility to heresy.

That sounds harsh but it's true. Recycling Is Good. Suggest otherwise and people around you get all venomous-eyed and agitated and they'll immediately conclude that you're of low character. Don't care about the planet. Selfish. What about the children? Is that any different to expressing a love for Darwin at a church meeting?

So then we go back to the first point. Evidence. Where's the evidence in favour of creationism? Huh? Huh? And where's the evidence that recycling is best for the planet in the short and long term? Huh? Huh? When you say 'that's ridiculous, of course it has to be', then my response is simple: you may be right, but show me the evidence. Let's have a chat. Let's pick things apart. But if your position is based on social mores and 'common sense' and nothing else, then how is your position really different to people who guffaw and say 'that's ridiculous, of course I'm not descended from a monkey?'

So am I saying I'm against recycling? No. I recycle, partly because we have to and partly because it makes me feel good. But I know that some of it is probably a waste of time and resources and there is a possibility that my recycling is actually doing more harm to the planet than good.

So my honest answer is I don't know whether recyling is good or bad. Recycle what? When? How? What are the alternatives? I'm sure some recycling is good and some is bad and I personally don't know how to tell which is which, although I know how it could be done. Either way, I'm confident in not trusting the orthodoxy one little bit.

I'll spare the justification for my heresy for other posts.

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