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There is no easy answer to binge drinking and related social problems, but since that doesn't win elections, the whole country is being subjected to minimum prices on alcohol. In the news today, an expert has estimated that the planned changes will save only 21 lives a year (and naturally says the minimum price should be higher to save more lives). That is a sensitive point in my world, but let us move onto something else.

The article mentions that
two thirds of the public believe alcohol consumption is "out of control" nationally but those questioned were split evenly on whether the price of alcohol should increase.

I would suggest a different survey:

  1. should the price of alcohol be doubled, across the board, to tackle binge drinking?

  2. is alcohol consumption "out of control" nationally?

I'd put money on the fact that a survey asking those questions in that order would have the public emphatically stating that when it comes to alcohol misuse in the UK, there is no problem and that everything is hunky-feckin-dory, thank you very much.

{2011.01.19 - 09:36}


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