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The Pope with his message of hope

Oh yippee:

God is faithful to his promises but often surprises us by how he fulfils them, the Pope is due to say in a BBC broadcast.

Like when a little child prays 'dear God please stop the priest from fiddling with me' and then God gets the pope to quietly transfer the priest to somewhere else and then God sends another priest to fiddle with the child instead.

Or else when a little child prays and says 'God please help me to stop being so hungry' and then God lets the child starve to death and then the child isn't hungry any more.

And yet the world takes this man and his lies seriously.

{2010.12.23 - 18:38}


1 Ronwen (2010.12.24 - 01:55) #

The Pope inspires similar warm feelings in me.


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