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Media ownership

This BBC article about the 'dangers' of consolidated media drips with irony. The BBC is the only media organisation in the UK that has paying customers who could end up in jail if they refuse to pay. It's always supposedly impartial yet repeatedly shows itself not to be. Everyone talks about 'diversity' yet it's all licenses and commissions and regulators. If diversity is that important, why do successive Tory and Labour governments make it nearly impossible for outsiders to start broadcasting?

If right-winger-owned Sun Wot Won It back in 1992 then what explains the 13 years of Labour and the Tories unable to win an election outright in spite of how badly Labour cocked up? Fox 'News' making conservative Americans angry didn't stop the USA from electing its first black president - how many decades before the UK with its 'diverse' media manages a black prime minister?

And yet again - the Internet. When it's easier and cheaper than ever to access divergent opinions, to obtain an unimaginable diversity of media legally (and illegally), what damage can the Murdoch empire really do, other than offend the sensibilities of people who dislike wealthy right-wingers?

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