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That time of year

If you're feeling somewhat despondent about the cost of the festive season's excesses, then this post might do something for your disposition (one way or the other).

Back in late 80s in Palm Desert, California, bands started lugging generators and their equipment up into the desert and played small concerts to lots of people who probably all look back very fondly upon that time although they probably don't remember much of it. Thus was born what came to be known as desert rock, or slightly interchangeably, stoner rock.

One of the earliest bands in this scene were a crowd called Fatso Jetson. So named for an obvious reason. Awesome if you're into trippy and hazy and loud.

Fast forward a decade and a half and take inspiration. It is indeed the same guitarist, looking a helluva lot healthier. A little less stoner, but would you be expecting to rock out like this at your 20 year high school reunion?

But Colin, you ask, if this isn't just a plot to foist desert rock on unsuspecting friends, is it really about not feeling guilty about reaching for another mince pie this Christmas? Not entirely. For any of my school friends who're reading this - it might have escaped you that around about 20 years ago this week, we got our matric results.

Have a nice day.

{2010.12.13 - 15:01}


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