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It's always worth it when someone else is paying

At least the student riots have given the UK papers something else to get frothed up about instead of the injustice of being denied the right to host the World Cup. It was getting a bit tiring.

An appropriate time for an article which says that South Africa recovered only 10% of what it laid out for the 2010 World Cup. Which should come as no surprise to anyone who'd remembered that the same happened to Greece, and to Japan and Korea, and what is already happening with Olympics 2012, and and and.

Most South Africans got shafted, but FIFA aside, some well-connected South Africans did very nicely out of World Cup 2010. Very nicely indeed. Which is how it always works when people have lots of taxpayers' money to spend.

The UK should consider itself lucky that it dodged the World Cup bullet. People should pity the Russians, not resent them for their 'success.'

{2010.12.10 - 17:17}


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