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Hardest thing in the world legislatively

All the drama over tuition fees. I stumbled across a quote which goes along the lines of what I said a while ago:

There's a strong case to be made that everybody who wants to go to university should have an opportunity to do so - provided he's willing to pay for it. Not necessarily right now - it's highly desirable to have arrangements under which he could borrow now to pay it back later out of a higher income that his education would make possible.

But there is no justification for imposing taxes on lower income people to finance the schooling of people who are or will be in the higher income groups. And yet, how much political movement is there to impose full cost tuition on colleges? There is nobody who would have a ghost of a chance of being elected... on that program. It's the hardest thing in the world legislatively, to get higher tuitions imposed. Why? Because the middle class looks after itself.

That would be Milton Friedman speaking more than 30 years ago.

{2010.12.09 - 16:07}


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