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Dogs and Zombies

Given that it's been Battle of Britain commemoration and the like and our son is big on his airplanes (3 and a half and recognises a Lancaster -- we're so proud), I got The Dambusters as a birthday present recently. Ronwen and I watched it last night. The dog (spot the stiff) in the movie has rather an unfortunate name, and I wondered whether the soundtrack might be doctored one day, to give the dog a new name, like Digger, perhaps. Ronwen the archaeology graduate pointed out that it was offensive but accurate to the prejudices of the time, and that too remained important, historically.

Then on a related note today, I stumbled across an obscure bit of movie trivia: the zombies-breaking-into-the-building movie trope has a long history, but with racist origins. The first such scene portrayed black people trying to break into a cabin to kill the whites inside. The movie in question, The Birth of a Nation, was released in 1915, condemned immediately for its overt racism, but is credited as being the world's first modern feature film.

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