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The Tea Party

The US is having its mid-term elections, Obama's in deep doodoo and everyone's talking about the Tea Party.

On the face of it, I'd agree with just about every point in the Tea Party's contract, which is purely economic, and textbook classical liberalism (or libertarianism, if you must). The problem is that along with this comes a whole bunch of gay-hating, immigrant-hating, abortion-hating, prohibitionism, god-bothering and inconsistent thinking about the role of the state, all of which is the antithesis of libertarian thought.

On top of that is a heap of hyperbole (Obama the socialist yadda yadda) and persecution complexes and chops like Glenn Beck sobbing on Fox News, and you have a movement that's home to at least a few unpleasant and small-minded human beings. There's a case that the ugly bits are overblown by the media, but it's reasonable to wonder how many Tea Party senators and representatives will restrict themselves to their economic remit when they're in power.

Then again, you could turn around and say that they'd be no worse in their meddling and interference than pretty much everyone else who's been in charge, and their ascendance is at least keeping lazy politicians on their toes.

That's the main point of it. People, inside the Tea Party and out, have had enough of establishment politics and don't like they way they're being governed, and they're showing underperforming and arrogant politicians the door. Three cheers for democracy.

{2010.11.02 - 16:37}


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