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Interesting links

An overdue study project making my life a misery. I'll never have time to post about them individually, so some things I've read while the laptop's doing its number-crunching:

  • Telegraph columnist Simon Heffer disses the Scots. The comments section gets erm... lively. An interesting link about Scotland's oil.

  • Used hand book salesmen with barcode scanners and teh Interwebs (via). Dude mentions how people hate him for what he's doing. I think it's because you go to 2nd hand bookshops to buy books for a fraction of what you believe their worth to be. People like him get the books to those who value them even more. Fair's fair, eBay dents this dude's livelihood - I've seen obscure and out of print CDs get dumped on eBay by unknowing sellers for a pittance and get bid up to proper 'collector' market value in no time. The same article has a really depressing line about how many old books just end up being pulped. I wish I had enough space to form an old book sanctuary (our shelves are overlowing already).

  • Speaking of which, Simon Heffer again on book collections. He pisses off even more people with his author-snobbery.

  • Nick Clegg smokes. I'm a long-time ex-smoker, but I like Clegg all the more for it.

  • Nobel economist and liberal partisan hack Paul Krugman says that the UK's 6% budget cut will lead us to economic armageddon but continually complains that the USA's 6% 'stimulus' increase is too small to make any difference. Which is it?

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