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Wrong impressions

Of course, if you're going to (literally) bump into another cyclist on the way home, you don't really want it to be the punk rocker lass in hotpants and knee-high stockings because everyone gets the wrong idea. This, naturally, is what I did tonight. I was behind her at a traffic light, she pulled off, I pulled off, looked down to get my shoe clipped in, looked up (too late) to notice she'd stopped again, slammed on anchors and *bomp*, left my bike with a small scratch and her stockings laddered.

I apologised profusely and she apologised profusely saying she had a migraine and wasn't feeling too great and doing silly things, and some dudes in a white van rode past shouting 'yallright love?' and I dunno how many other people passing comments or tut-tutting as they went past, and another cyclist guffawing 'you were too busy looking at her legs', to which I quite reasonably pointed out that if I'd been looking at her legs I'd actually have seen her stop.


{2010.08.19 - 16:26}


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