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So today was fun. Mom's in London doing her thing at the British Museum, so it's a boys' day in. Perfect time for Junior to decide to start chomping on a coin, which turns into gag-gag, which turns into Dad's life flashing before his eyes and thinking jesus, I'm going to have to stick my finger down my son's throat, turns immediately into gulp-gulp-gulp then wait-a-minute-I've-just-swallowed-the-damned-coin then waaaaaah then oh-wait-I'm-OK-now and then back to as if nothing had happened.

Dad took Google's advice and took Junior to A&E anyway, where Junior got x-rayed (big-ass coin, in belly) and poked and prodded and sent home, with advice to Parental Units to listen very carefully over the next few days for a coin-on-porcelain 'clink' when it's toilet time.


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