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A good quote:

The Tory immune system is already immeasurably stronger than it was on May 1. All these Lib Dem antibodies will make it that much harder for the recovering Labour Party to claim that all the new Government’s measures reflect class politics and are designed exclusively to feather the nests of the rich.

Good for Tories, but what about the Lib Dems? I think the big problem the Lib Dems face is that their support comes from both those with genuinely liberal (or whatever passes for it in 2010) views, as well as those who aren't particularly liberal, but want to signal their disdain for 'the right' (or the wealthy, or the establishment, or whatever bogeyman du jour you care to conjure) by supporting a 'left-leaning' party.

For liberals, seeing policies actually being implemented in a coalition government would presumably be seen as a good thing, and the Lib Dems would enjoy renewed support for their achievements. For anti-right signallers though, policy doesn't matter: sleeping with the enemy would be unforgivable, and off they'll go to Labour.

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