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Paying the piper

I ended last night's post with a grumble about the Labour party but edited it out. I decided it stood better as my 'good riddance Gordon' post.

Already, as Labour (perhaps unsurprisingly) eagerly embrace their new role as the opposition (and how they'll get to pontificate as others get to clean up their mess), we're hearing nice things being said about Labour and about Gordon Brown. I'll say just this (again): everything comes at a cost, and Britain has paid plenty and will continue paying plenty for the lovely things Labour will have claimed to have achieved.

Some might think the cost worth it, and that's their right, but even more will be led to think it cost far less, if anything at all. And in 5 years' time, very few will remember what it cost at all.

{2010.05.12 - 17:16}


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