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What about his pension?

Sir Fred Goodwin, aka Fred the Shred, erstwhile head of RBS and erstwhile chum of the outgoing Prime Minister, presided over a bank which ran aground. For his sins, he was vilified, pilloried, harangued, hounded out of the country as his home was attacked and vandalised. The mob bayed for his blood, incensed at the size of his pension, not happy with anything less than his utter destruction and ruin. To this day, Sir Fred is the poster boy for the perils of incompetence and hubris... even his old friend Gordon Brown couldn't resist a snipe during the election debates.

How different, then, to preside over a country that has run aground. Gordon Brown bows out this evening, to a chorus of dignified words and respectful thanks from all sides. With a patently ridiculous 'most important job of all' pop truism - tell that to the parents of dead soldiers, for starters - he signs off, to a life of quiet contemplation, a cushy career on the speaking circuit and a nice, comfy pension.

And what has he left behind? A government that adds an extra 160 billion pounds to its total debt bill, every year, that pays out over 30 billion pounds in interest every year, and worse yet to come. Billions wiped off the value of homes, of pensions, of shares. Companies bankrupt, innocent people unemployed and impoverished by a bust that had supposedly been eradicated. Savings and investments eroded by ever-growing inflation while Gordon Brown proudly announced low interest rates as an achievement of his term in government, and an aspiration for the future.

When we stop to consider all the people whose lives will become harder due to the higher taxes we know are coming, who will lose their jobs because of budget cuts we know are coming, who will we blame? Let's set aside the suffering that's to come, and consider the past 13 years: when we think of how much money the current government has wasted, how much real-world wealth and opportunity and prosperity has been lost and destroyed and our money, past and future instead poured into ineffective government departments and bureaucracies and state-sanctioned corporate monopolies, who will we blame? When our children and grandchildren are still paying off debt that an incompetent and hubristic Gordon Brown foisted upon us, who will we blame?

Will people be upset to know that Gordon Brown will still be entitled to his pension?

{2010.05.11 - 16:21}


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