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Electoral pr0n

Ah, it's all quite exciting, rosettes and the big BBC shindig and fancy touch-panel displays and swingometers (except poor Jeremy Vine, who has to walk around some of the kakkest-looking CGI backdrops ever).

The big story (or is it always like this?) is around voting booths closing at 10 and leaving queues of people being 'denied their right to vote.' Nothing makes the TV people happier than having something to get really exercised and pissed off about. Outrageous! Scandal! What a mess! Country going down the drain!

On the one hand, you could just tell people to go vote sooner. On the other hand, it's not always that easy if you're working or can't get there sooner. So if the lawmakers really care about the issue, they could take a lesson from South African elections (and many others, I'm sure): make election day a bank holiday.

{2010.05.06 - 19:05}


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