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Spring strolls

It's not all doom and gloom and pox-on-their-houses in the M-P household. One of the advantages of living in the green belt is that we're just a few minutes' walk away from countryside and woods. Today we took a route that took us past loads of people out for strolls, petting a gazillion mutts as we went. Walkers with dogs are always the friendliest.

The world itself has come alive the past few weeks. The fields are green, trees are blossoming, and suddenly it's glorious sunshine all day long. We walked along a stream, trekked down a woodland path with all sorts of birds chirping, saw amazing old Victorian houses and farmhouses up on hills and sheep and even heard a peacock somewhere.

We also went over two railway bridges, and on each stuck around so that Leo could see a train coming underneath. We saw two trains passing, and in both cases the train drivers saw us watching and honked and waved as they passed underneath. Now admittedly one of them was resting his head in one hand and waving with the other, but it was a honk and a wave regardless, and that's what counts.

Problems and politics aside, this is an awesome place to live, really.

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