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It's not fair that attractive people get to become models and make lots of money and do drugs and still be fabulous. It's also not fair that musicians get to be famous and get laid lots more than everyone else. It's not fair that actors get to make so much money for playing make-believe.

For some reason, politicians only care about some types of fairness.

If you're born with good looks that allow you to become rich, that's OK, but if you're born with an expensive house to your name, then that's not OK. If you're a petulant and impulsive artist who strikes it lucky then that's OK, but if you're a driven and risk-taking entrepreneur who strikes it lucky with a successful business, then that's not OK. If you make millions for poncing about on screen in a successful movie that's OK, but if you make millions running a business that makes money for shareholders and employs lots of people, that's not OK.

{2010.04.14 - 15:26}


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