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Marriage tax breaks

.. and today it's the Tories buying votes with a kick-back for being married. You may have studies saying that a society with 'married' couples is less messed up than a society without, but it strikes me as sheer cargo-cultism to believe that people being married makes a society better. Maybe the causality is the other way round?

Regardless - what people like David Cameron don't understand is that sometimes it's better for families to *not* be together. Creating financial incentives for marriages means parents are more inclined to get and/or stay together when they're unhappy, which isn't good for the parents, or their children. And if they're not happy, how can you in good conscience believe that's better for society?

{2010.04.10 - 15:01}


1 kaeryd (2010.04.15 - 17:54) #

£150 a year surely isn't enough to convince someone either it?
£1,500, and we'd be talking (!)

2 Colin (2010.04.17 - 05:54) #

I think it's wrong in principle but true, it's not much. I read that Nick Clegg's retort was "I married for love, not 4 quid a week".

3 Ronwen (2010.04.21 - 13:02) #

Perhaps with enough husbands you could make worthwhile?


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