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Done. Tomorrow morning after Ronwen's done a final proof-read, I can priority post my project paper off to the university and mail the soft copy to the lecturer, accompanied by a grovelling apology for it being late. I hope she'll accept it, else my rather shite October will have been both shite and in vain.

Heavy going, all this academic writing. Two months ago I couldn't even spell heteroskedasticity, and now, well, now I can spell it. I even got to throw in a ceteris paribus. Utterly contrived, I must concede, but between all the we-note-thats and clearlys and it-follows-thats and thuses and givens and what have you, a little self-indulgence is earned.

I sit here now, and even though I'm done, and have so desperately being looking forward to the brief respite this night off would bring, I still feel terribly guilty because I'm not working, or something.

{2009.10.30 - 17:33}


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