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Hrmph. UNISA rolled out a new service called 'MyLife' which is advertised as a student email address for life, but is in effect just a front-end for Microsoft Live. Adding insult to injury, UNISA no longer allows you to use any other email address for correspondence.

If it were voluntary then I'd understand that MS are providing a service that UNISA needs, no doubt with all sorts of cushy terms and incentives, but hey, that's the way things go and good luck to those who want to use it. But forcing students to use this address is a different story. I can't think of any way in which this is in students' best interests. I can jump through hoops to redirect or forward the email, but I shouldn't have to. I should be able to have my UNISA correspondence mailed to me at an address of my choosing.

Shame on you, UNISA.

{2009.05.26 - 18:29}


1 Chris (2009.05.28 - 09:16) #

No worries - my ISP will only correspond with you using the email address they give you.

Which is a royal pain in the @rse!!!!

If I pay for a service the least they could do is email me at my chosen address.

2 Adi (2009.06.19 - 12:09) #

Oh stop whining ;) just forward it to your own email for crying out loud... Oh wait, just note, you can only do that when you open myLife in IE, the "really advanced features" doesn't work in firefox. Ok, fine, I see your point.

Good luck with the studies.


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