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Do your bit for global warming

A byline from an article in the Times about Severn Trent's plans to put sewage to good use:

In-house scheme is the first step in a programme to develop raw sewage sludge into pellet fuel to burn in power plants

'Pellet fuel'. Hehehehe. I know it's juvenile, but still. 'Pellet fuel'. Hehehehehe.

More seriously, I strongly believe that technology will help us to achieve the sorts of energy efficiency and sustainability we need. And let's be honest, you don't get more 'sustainable' than the inputs for 'pellet fuel'. Hehehehehe.

The article is clearly a journalist's dream. The title is "Flushed with enthusiasm, Severn Trent sees light at the end of the tunnel for its new revenue plan".


I will end with one more quote:

"Sludge has half the calorific content of brown coal, so this is a very viable fuel," Mr Wray said. "The trick is to find new ways to dry it. Wet sludge is not very economical to use."

That's a mental image you won't be able to shake for a while!

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